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When your TracFone has more minutes than you will ever use.

Two cheap ways to add "Days of Service" to your tracfone.


  How to... Increase Your Tracfone Coverage Area
Strategy One:

Add 395 (30 + 365) days of service to your tracfone for under $60.

Simply go online, select the card with the fewest minutes, and supersize your order with additional days.

Step 1: Go to the TracFone website and logon.


Step 2: Go to Buy Airtime and select the 30 minute card to $9.99.

Step 3: The next screen will let you add 365 days of service for $49.99.

Step 4: Complete the purchase - you've added up to 60 minutes and 395 days of service.


Strategy Two:

If you need to add minutes and want the cheapest way to extend your tracfone's "service end date":

Buy the 60 minute package for $19.99 every three months.

For $80 per year, you'll get 365 days of service and 720 minutes with a double minutes plan.

Accounting for promotions and double/triple minutes, this strategy can get you over 500 minutes and a year of service.  


Promo Codes for the 60 and 120 minute cards…

Promo code 12745 gives 60 bonus minutes.

This code was activated in 2015 and continues to work through 2016.

If you have triple minutes, this would yield 240 minutes added and 90 days of service.



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