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If you're in an area where TracFone rarely has service…

You need to switch the type of tracfone phone you are using in order to switch carriers.


The problem starts when you buy a phone from

    - Your zip code determines which phone models are available in your area.
    - Do not assume that this guarantees the model will have reception.
    - Often, the models offered won't get the best reception in that region.
What often happens...

    - The customer buys a phone from or superstore and has it activated.
    - Then, they experience spotty service in the area that the phone was supposedly designed for.
    - Unused minutes mount as the customer buys minutes to keep their service active.

It's not the phone's antenna.

    - A signal booster is not the solution.

You need to switch carriers!

You can't make the switch using TracFone's website.   Here's how to do it…


Step 1: Determine which phone carrier your tracfone is tied to (Verizon or AT&T).

    - If your TracFone model number ends with a G (for GSM), your phone is AT&T.

    - If your TracFone model number ends with a C (for CDMA), your phone is Verizon.

Step 2: Ask friends which carrier works best in your neighborhood.

Step 3: Go to Amazon or newegg to buy a new TracFone.

    - If you want to switch to AT&T, buy a TracFone ending in G (for example LG 840G).

    - If you want to switch to Verizon, buy a TracFone ending in C (for example LG 505C).

    - You can't do this from!

    - Their zip code based phone finder only gives you phones from the carrier you already have.
Step 4: Go to to activate your new phone.

    - Begin the process on their page where you can select…

"Transfer my number and service from one TracFone to another."
    - Don't worry about not being allowed to switch carriers.   TracFone doesn't care.
    - One step in the process asks you to verify the number of unused minutes on your old phone.
    - If you disagree, the process will stop.
    - We prefer to agree and then contact tech support to have the minutes corrected.
    - It's likely you will have to contact tech support to complete the activation because of glitches.
    - Once again, they will not question your switching phones to switch carriers.
    - As a test in New York, we just switched from AT&T based G phones with no service and now have LG505C's that work with Verizon.


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