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How to reset your Tracfone when it stops responding to a swipe…

It's not a defective screen or cold temperatures.


The phone's operating system needs to be reset.

    - Many sites tell you how to do this, but...

They do not warn you that all of your contacts will be lost.

Back up your contacts first. Here's an example using an LG 305C...

    - Play with the phone until you finally get it to respond.
    - Select the Contact List from your main screen.
    - Press the image next to Contact List header to open options.
    - Select Copy to Card.
    - Select Mark All.
    - Select Done.
    - The phone will show progress of the copy and will revert to the Contact List.

Now you can perform the hard reset...

    - If the phone is off, hold down the Power key to switch on the TracFone.
    - From the Main Menu select Settings.
    - Select Phone Settings and scroll down to select Security.
    - It will tell you about your default lock code. Press OK.
    - Enter the four-digit Lock Code.
    - Press the option to Reset Default and then select OK.
    - The next screen will warn that "All settings will revert to factory default".
    - If you have already backed up your contacts and other data, select Revert.
    - You will have to enter the Lock Code again to confirm the process.

Unless you have actually busted the phone, it should respond to your every swipe!


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