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They're Looking for Your Products


Our DMF database receives thousands of hits each day from prospective buyers world-wide. This is an incredible advertising opportunity - Reaching both purchasing agents and pharmaceutical professionals who are trying to reach your firm.

New! Place Link My Site on our API pages… Details.



Use the new API manufacturer/agent option. You will receive a report with the number of times your company name and/or products are referenced in our DMF tables. Please use your corporate e-mail address to permit verification.

Option 1: You can have all references to HOLDER (your company name) connected to your website. We will ask you to verify all variations of the name.

Option 2: You can submit separate DMF numbers and/or SUBJECT names to have your products connected to your website. Please submit a separate form for each product or send a complete list by e-mail to .

Option 3: You can have references to DMF, HOLDER, and SUBJECT connected to your site.

You can use a different, specific URL for each DMF / SUBJECT link to bring prospective clients directly to the appropriate page on your site. For example, a hyperlink to your API sales contact page.

Please contact sales. We will send you proposed fees for linking. You may choose to activate or delete your account at that time. DMF tables are updated up to 4 times per year. The fee keeps your account active for 1 year. You will receive a notification to cancel/renew at that time. The fee for this service is as low as USD 10.00/link/year.


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