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When you scan a hard-copy document, you create an image that can only be searched using the human eye. Consider it a photocopy. To improve this, the image can be processed using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program. Here, the image will be converted to text that is riddled with errors.

Your OCR program "hides" this inaccurate text behind the PDF scanned image. Our programs automatically repair over 15,000 errors and locate 5,000 suspect terms via Intelligent OCR Query, e.g., Should "Kate" be converted to "Rate"? Both could be acceptable terms in a given document.

This rapid, affordable conversion enables our clients to locate very specific terms within their archive. This includes lot, model, and serial numbers. True search power.

Automated processes correct the error-ridden text with lightning speed. Use your browser to instantly find critical information.


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