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Complaints that Magic Jack hides the 1 year renewal option.


People get frustrated and opt for 5 years thinking there is no way to renew for only one year (as promised when they purchased the device).

We found the hidden link to the 1 year renewal.

Step 1: Go to the magicJack Free Trial page on the internet.


Step 2: Go to Customer Care/Live Agent page and click the blue Member Features button on the lower left side of the page.

Step 3: You're now at the login page where you enter your magicJack phone number and password*.

Step 4: Ignore the welcome screen that is loaded with multiple offers costing more than $19.95.

Step 5: Click the My Subscriptions or My Account tab.

Step 6: On those pages you will find a Reactivate button or a Renewal page with a button to show details.

Step 7: On the displayed pages, you'll find the one year renewal option. Complete your renewal for $19.95.

* Previously, you had to click the mymagicjack ( button to reach the login page.  


About the Gold Plan

You may receive an email confirmation after renewing which says:

"Thank you for choosing the Gold Plan. After activating your magicjack (simply plug it in), please click here or enter the following url into your browser."

The Truth: You didn't sign up for the Gold Plan and their website does not describe what you would get if you opted in.

Our guess is that you would be opting in for a longer renewal at an additional cost.

Simply ignore the email. Your renewed magicJack will work just fine.


magicJack Plus discussion.

Please link your forum to this page to help others frustrated by efforts to sell unwanted services. Thanks!

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