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A Few Ways to Register magicJack and MJ+  


You can assign your original MJ phone number to a new MJ+ and use both devices.

But… Be careful when registering.

The outcome may vary - magicJack devices are devices.

  • Your computer's operating system and magicJack's servers see them as discrete devices
  • You control how and when they see the devices during registration

Keep this in mind during the registration process…

  • Don't plug your new MJ+ into the router to register if you want to keep your phone number
  • Start by plugging it into your computer

Use the Softphone to Register MJ+ - If you plug your new MJ+ into the computer that ran your original MJ, the softphone will appear on your desktop.

  • It will display ad space in the left pane
  • It won't be able to display a phone number because MJ's server doesn't recognize this new device
  • You will be asked to click the register now button

A window opens asking how you purchased the MJ+.

It then asks if you would like:

  • A new phone number
  • To use the number of an existing MJ account
  • To work without a phone number

We decide to use the existing number.

The original account information is displayed.

It then tells us we can:

  • unplug the MJ+ from the computer and plug it into our router, or
  • leave it in the computer

We decide to leave the MJ+ in the computer's USB port.

The server updates the softphone with our original phone number and contacts.

  • There is no call history because this is a new device
  • We make a successful call using our hard-wired phone

Then, we hit Alt/Ctrl/Del to bring up the Task Manager…

  • We end the magicJack application
  • We safely remove the MJ+ from the USB port

We plug the MJ+ into our router and AC outlet…

  • We connect a phone and make a successful call
  • Almost done!

    Plug the original MJ into the computer where you just registered your new MJ+.

    • The softphone will appear with the original phone number and call history
    • Both MJ devices function with the original phone number

    To get even more out of this setup, take a look at Best way to combine magicJack and MJ+.



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