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magicJack Pre-paid Credit Disappears after 6 Months!  


We purchased $10 of international calling last December and promptly used 40 cents (as in 4 dimes).

Six months later, we went to use it again.

The remaining $9.60 was gone!

We learned that the pre-paid balance expires after only 6 months (not stated on the instruction page)…

International/Prepaid Tab

  • Use Pre-Paid credit to call an international number, conference number, platform, or when prompted by a recording.
  • You may purchase credit for each magicJack subscription separately the credit is non-transferable.
  • International Rates can be found here.
  • Prior to being connected to a Pre Paid call, a brief message will inform you of your Pre Paid balance in terms of minutes based on the number you are calling.

You can select $10/20/40 from the dropdown menu (depending on the amount you can afford to lose).

We think the actual disclosure about expiration appears somewhere in the MJ agreement (maybe page 4?).


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