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Half Off MJ+ Email Offer  


If you have a magicJack account, you received this email offer in December 2011…

Dear Subscriber,

I am offering my newest invention, the magicJack PLUS, to our existing customers first. I wanted to make sure my loyal customers could be rewarded and be first in line. No doubt, most of you will want the option to continue using the magicJack as you have (with a computer), or now just plug into the wall and internet (without the computer) - it's your choice and so easy to use as always. The new magicJack PLUS is the same size as the old one, and it is basically a computer/system on a chip. Our chip developer Dr. YW Sing really outdid himself this time.


The magicJack PLUS will be in Radio Shack first followed by Walmart for $69.95. It will contain everything you need and the first year of service will be free. You will be able to use the same number you had before or you can even port a number to the new magicJack PLUS. You will not be able to transfer your old plan to the new magicJack PLUS. That is just one reason why we are offering a 48 hour special to buy the magicJack PLUS at half price. The price right now is $34.95. This price will not last and I wanted to make sure you knew that. This price is less than what we sell it to retailers for. This is not a gimmick, it is truly my way of saying Thank You for being a loyal customer. To make sure you continue to Love my company and always be totally satisfied with us, you will have a FREE 30 day trial period. The offer is on a first come first served basis. We have sold over 7 million magicJacks and we only have 200,000 new magicJack PLUS to offer! After that, you will have to wait about 60 days more to get yours.

The reviews for the magicJack PLUS by bloggers and reporters have been so positive. It makes me very proud for them to rave about the call quality and ease of use.

Thanks for being a great customer.

This Half Price Offer is ONLY available by clicking the links in this email - it is not available anywhere else.

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