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Trouble Changing Email where magicJack Voicemail is Sent  


Many magicJack subscribers report difficulty changing the email address where they receive voicemail.

We've run into the same problem and show how to change the email below.


Go to At the bottom of the page, click Customer Care / Live Agent.

On that page, click the link at the bottom of the Member Features image.

That will open a window where you can sign in.

You'll see a series of tabs beginning with Shop.

Click the My Numbers tab.

On that page, you see the email associated with the voice message notification. Click the Details button.

The window that opens will detail the account and include a button to Add E-mail Address to Account. Click that button.

The window that opens lets you enter an Email Address and Password. Enter your new email and password and click Next at the bottom of the window.

It's likely that you'll receive a warning that says the new Email Address is already on file. There appears to be a glitch in their system that doesn't let you change the email. If this happens to you, contact the Live Agent and pray.

We are often asked about Call Logs. To view or save a copy of your phone calls, click the My Contacts tab.

You can view the log by clicking the Show button.

You can save a CSV file of the log by clicking the Export button.


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