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How to Fix a magicJack with Constant Dial Tone (or No Dial Tone)!  


There have been thousands of problems with magicJack devices that stop making calls using an actual phone handset…

Many people start out by blaming Windows 7.   Often, the softphone works, but a handset will not.

A huge number of people contact MJ support and convince them to send a new device for about $10 depending on location.

Many get the new device only to find the problem returning a few weeks later.

Our experience suggests that it may not be the device.   It may be the USB extension cable that comes with the device.

We recommend…

  • Move the device to a USB port where you don't need the extension cable.
  • Many desktop PCs have designs that simply won't let you reach a USB port without a cable.   Try a different extension cable.
  • Log on to to request a new cable.
  • If the support person won't give you one, request a new device and try the new cable that comes with it.


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