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Some MJ Calls Will Not Go Through  


You can't reach certain phone numbers with MJ as a consequence of something called "traffic-pumping".   We explain below.

MJ VOIP to Land Line - Your outgoing magicJack call travels through the internet until it needs to travel through a telephone wire into someone's house.   The local exchange carrier needs to make money for their part of the call.

Enter the FCC and Access Fees - VOIP carriers are considered long distance carriers (like AT&T) and they have to pay access fees for calls to local exchange carriers.   The FCC allows the local carriers to charge higher fees for calls to more remote areas.

To bump up those fees, some local carriers will partner with "phone sex" and "conference calling" providers to route calls through their more "rural" areas.

It's legal.   It's known as "traffic-pumping" or "access stimulation".   The government likes stimulation.


You Make a Call into Pumped Traffic - You have no way of knowing if your call enters the twilight zone.   Some calls work for a while and then get blocked.   Traffic-pumping areas move around like amoebas.

And Your Call Gets Blocked - VOIP services like magicJack try to avoid paying high connection fees to traffic-pumping local exchange carriers.   They block calls that enter those high fee zones.


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