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Free magicJack App on iPhone

We installed the magicJack App on an iPhone* accessing the internet via Wi-Fi.

WARNING: The magicJack App can work well calling one number and then choppy calling someone else minutes later. Users that try to get rid of the App have complained that they are unable to completely remove the App from their device. Currently, you can only have one free account and will encounter problems if you try to switch to a second Apple device. There is a Forget me on this device button found in the Account tab. That button apparently does not work on most devices. It simply takes you back to the login screen. Tech support does not exist for this issue.

If you decide to proceed, there are 3 options for placing/receiving calls...


Option 1: Make and receive calls using an existing magicJack account and phone number.
This works just like the magicJack device connected to a PC.

A few words of caution. If your subscription to magicJack expires or, for some reason, you want to switch to the free outgoing only version, you may not be able to simply remove the app and start over.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app sometimes leaves a bit of code on your phone that continues to ask you to sign in. Until this is addressed, it might be better to go with the free version from the start.

Option 2: Make and receive calls using a new (free) magicJack number.
The number will begin and end with a asterisk. For example *0100705555*.

To register, you have to give them your name and email.
They will give you a 5 character validation code.

You submit this to activate your new account.
Your new number will appear on your iPhone as soon as your code is accepted.

Phone features including voice mail and contact list are easily accessed.

The phone can only receive inbound calls from other registered magicJack accounts.

Option 3: Make free outgoing calls only without registering and without a phone number.

* You can use the magicJack app with iPad when in compatibility mode, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Also works with third generation and newer iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later. The download is at no cost.  

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