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New MJ offer you'll be seeing July 2013  


Here's text from the new 2014 MJ Plus email 48 hour offer.

You can use your existing magicJack number on the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS for FREE. All cords, cable, power adapter supplied with your magicJack package.

USB and SDIO slots have also been added to the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS so that we may offer you the least expensive internet access in the future and/or WIFI in the future - we are ready for 2014.

Now easier than ever to setup, you may start dialing within seconds. You do not have to connect the magicJack to the computer anymore for registration or any other reason. Of course, you can if you wish.

This is your one and only opportunity to receive the most convenient and most advanced, yet easiest to use magicJack at the absolute lowest cost ... EVER.

I have persuaded the CEO and President of magicJack to offer the Public the lowest price ever for a magicJack, but also to offer an amazingly lower price to only you, our loyal customer.

We want everybody in the world using magicJack and we believe the best way to make this happen is for YOU to tell others about the amazing voice quality only available with the new 2014 magicJack.

For a limited time and only through this exclusive e-mail offer, the CEO has agreed to sell the 2014 new magicJack PLUS for just $29.95 to you, which even includes six months of FREE telephone service. This comes with a no question 30 day money back Free Trial.

Please respond now before this price and the limited supply of the new 2014 magicJack disappears. This is not a gimmick, but my heartfelt way of saying Thank You to our loyal customers. It is first come first served. You should respond now.

We are so proud that Frost and Sullivan, the top rating agency in the World rated us number one in all five categories including overall best quality, ease of use, pricing and value.

Dan Borislow - Inventor and Founder

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