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To make and receive FREE phone calls within Google Voice.

Go to and complete the Google Voice signup.


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Buy the TracFone model with best reception.


You should see the Call or Text button in Google Voice when you log in.

If you don't... click Upgrade My Account to complete the Google Voice signup which is free.

On the top left of the page, click Call.

In the box under "Number to call," type a contact's name or phone number.

In the box under "Phone to call with," click the dropdown to choose which type of phone you want to use for the call.

Click Connect.

On your Android device, open Google Voice.

At the bottom right, touch Options. Touch Settings.

Touch Making calls.

Select when you want to make your outgoing calls through Google Voice... Open your phone's dialer.

Phone number in Google Voice...

Full Google Voice with a Google number: With this option you get a brand new custom Google number that can receive calls from all of your phones.

This means that whenever someone calls your Google number you can set it to ring all of your phones (ex.

mobile, home, work phone) or just certain phones.

Port a number to Google Voice...

There is a one-time $20 fee to port your number.

Porting from Project Fi to Google Voice is free.

Your cell phone plan will end when you port your number to Google Voice, and your carrier may charge you an early termination fee.

Numbers normally take 24 hours to transfer, but can sometimes take longer.

Transfer home phone number to Google Voice...

Port your landline over to a prepaid cell-phone plan.

Buy the cheapest phone and the fewest minutes possible

When the porting process is done, transfer the number into Google Voice for the usual $20 fee.

Change Google Voice number for free...

Change your Google Voice number.

On your computer, open Google Voice.

At the top right, open Settings > Settings.

Click the "Phones" tab.

Next to your current number, click Change/Port.

Select I want a new number.

Click Continue.

Type a phone number you'd like to use, and then click Check for available options.

Get a Google Voice number...

Turn on Google voicemail for your phone

On your computer, open Google Voice.

At the top right, click Settings.

Click Settings, then choose the Phones tab.

Click Add another phone.

Enter the name and number of your phone, and select Mobile as the phone type.

Click Save.

You will be prompted to verify your phone number.

Get rid of Google Voice...

To delete your Google Voice number:

Sign in to your Google Voice account.

Click the gear icon and select Settings.

Click Delete next to your Google Voice number.

Follow the prompts to delete your Google number.

After you delete your number, you MUST also remove Google Voicemail from your forwarding phones.

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