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To make and receive FREE phone calls within Google Hangouts.

You can make voice calls from Hangouts on Android, iOS and the web.


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It's free to call other Hangouts users.

Free to call numbers in the US and Canada, and the international rates are really low.

So keeping in touch is easier and more affordable than ever.

Calls from your Hangouts app won't use your mobile phone carrier's voice minutes.

However... They will use your data plan if you don't use Wi-Fi for calls.

Contact your mobile phone provider for more details on charges and usage.

Make a phone call Open the Hangouts app on your iOS device.

Touch the phone icon.

In the top right corner of the screen, touch the dial pad icon.

Enter a phone number or touch People to search for a contact in your phone's address book.

Touch Call.

Turn on Google Hangouts...

Turn on Hangouts in Gmail from Google Chat.

Open Gmail.

At the top of your Google Chat list, click your profile photo.

Click Try the new Hangouts.

Gmail will refresh, and you can start using Hangouts.

Hangouts chat allows users to hold text or video chats directly from a Gmail window, mobile device, Chrome browser, or desktop app.

Hangouts chat is enabled by default for all new domains.

Start a video call on Hangouts...

Start a video call.

Open or on the sidebar in Gmail.

Select a person from the Hangouts list or search for their name or email address.

When you find the person you want, click their name.

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To make and receive FREE phone calls within Google Voice.

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